I have a passion for taking pictures of my family. People often ask me how many pictures do I take and how many pictures are on my phone. Hahaha… well guys, you already know the answer to that question. #mamarazzi

Truth is, my mind has to constantly keep busy so I always find the time in between all the chaos to take a photo or two, or three… who am I kidding? My storage is almost full and I seriously can not stop snapping away.

I’m the type of person to change everything around my house. I constantly need a switch up every so often because I tend to get easily bored. I am so lucky to have come across mixtiles and here why,

Change it up

You can play with these 8-8 inch canvas all over the house all day long if you really want too. They are 0.6 inches thick and the quality is amazing! You can literally stick them anywhere, without destroying the walls of your home. Adhesive backing is used, so that means no nails required!

Show off

With mixtiles you can show off your latest pictures of your family. Mix tiles will wake up your walls without commitment. The mom guilt is over. We have no excuse to not have any recent pictures of our children on our wall😅

How it works

By downloading the mix tiles app you can choose with photos you’d like. What I also liked about this app is that once choosing your pictures, mix tiles can determine if the quality is good or not. That way you know your getting the best quality canvas, no disappointments and your not waisting your money.

How much

Once you check out there is an option of 3 tiles for 49$ any additional tiles are 9$ each and the shipping is free. I will be filling my wall with more mix tiles. My husband and I made an agreement to take more family pictures. Now that I’ve come across mix tiles I can’t get enough and to be honest, I am so obsessed. All my most recent pictures in less than 5 minutes? It’s almost like my very own feed on my wall! Thanks for stopping by and if you want to check them out yourselves click here

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