81F57A0A-E818-48F4-AF4F-5A3CAA923DA8Its no secret I am a foodie lover, I mean who isn’t? Wouldn’t you love to pick your meals for the week and not have to worry about going to the grocery store for them? As if trying to figure out what to eat isn’t hard enough. Cook it has made it super easy with their delicious ongoing meals per week! My hubby and I personally go through eating phases where we ask each other a million times “ what do you want to eat?”


I was able to choose from lunches to dinners and per how many people. We love fish, and fish is such an important food for pregnant mamas like myself, so fish & chips were definitely on the menu. It was so simple, took 30 minutes to make the entire lunch and everyone was satisfied. It was served with green peas & potatoes. Yum!  When the box arrived, I didn’t know what to expect. The food was safely placed, all high-quality meats & poultry were packed with gelatin ice pack, organized packing of fresh veggies, and a step by step for each meal.


(Preheat oven 450)

First I Peeled the potatoes & put them in salted boiling water. I browned the Panko bread crumbs with a little drizzle of olive oil. I washed my haddock fish and pat dry. All that’s left is simply dipping fish into flour, egg, and crumbs. In the oven it goes for 12 minutes on 450 . Simple, easy, kid friendly meal. Once potatoes are done add green peas and mash!

Tip: Add half the peas, save some for your Little’s 😉




Lunch was an absolute success, the only hard part was choosing from there 8 weekly recipes!  I’ve had the ultimate cook it experience and I’m excited to mention there upcoming expansion throughout Ontario! Woot woot! For any inquiries check out there website


Miso & maple tilapia with udon noodles, mushrooms & sesame seeds.

Don’t forget to check them out on instagram!


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