1. YOU 

This ones very important to me because it’s so easy to put yourself last. Waking up every 3 hours is not easy but finding an outlet will help you cope. Take a walk, listen to some good music. Go to your local coffee shop and grab yourself a treat along with a new book, or an hour massage. It could be the smallest thing like running a bath at the end of the day which is my personal favorite besides the spa that will change the way you feel. Do not feel guilty about doing this for yourself! I think the key thing here is not to forget that before you had baby, you did many different things for yourself . A happy you is a happy mom = happy baby and trust me they feel the energy.


As a first time mom it can be super hard sometimes to find a routine, one that works for baby and you. As for when I was a first time mom, play groups really helped me through my postpartum by connecting with other moms and sharing experiences, tips and helpful information. Noah had been going to playgroups since as little as 6months, along with swimming & Gymboree. But my all time favorite, hands down is play group🙌🏼. Free, walkable distance, and no commitment. That’s a win win right there. Trust me from my baby and me swimming experience, timing was always off🙈. I must add that noah is quite the swimmer so I think from starting him young that sorta helped. Its important to interact with others to get support and knowledge. Babies interact with babies during circle time which provide songs & story time, along with snack & free play. This encourages social behaviors, gross,fine motor skills & structure!

3. SAY YES!!!!!

I know, it can be difficult to admit to your mother in law that you need help. After all she did raise how many children on her own? But that was then and we are in a different generation and we are not a village. We are human, we need sleep, we need comfort, we need time to breath we need help. So when anyone asks if they may help you just say yes! Your not only doing yourself a favor your being the best version of you during a very emotional time. Even if you have to pick up that phone & call whom ever for that special hand, do it. I am guilty of not asking or taking the help and it does no good for me or my family.


Yes, I literally mean the baby before the baby (Your partner) mothering comes naturally to us, and our main focus is the baby. All we do is talk about the baby. We can’t forget that before the baby there was us two. You and me. Try to make time with your partner as much as you can. I am horrible at this to be honest, but we are trying and even once a month helps. When we do I forget how much FUN he actually is.


Having a new baby means lots of doctor appointments for you and the little one. Lots of night time wake ups, trying to figure out this little person who is crying all the time or who is way to chill…. is this normal? I’ve been there. Chill out! The dishes can wait, the guests coming over can take a rain check. That minute when you finally rocked your baby in your arms for the last 30 minutes and FINALLY got him\her to sleep, that’s Mother Nature telling you to slow down! Sleep as much as you can, even if it’s 20minutes it helps so much


Listen to your intuition, if you feel strongly about a descision for your baby, go with it. Many people can imply there opinions and sometimes its not very helpful during the moment of frustration. Take a deep breath and remember that there just trying to help, and at the end of the day saying ” thank you, that’s a great idea” but sticking to your gut feeling is important.

I hope I may help all the mamas out there. PPD was so hard on me the first time. Feeling empty and sad and all of these new emotions isn’t easy. It takes time and support. It didn’t take you overnight to get this way, but with support I strongly feel many mamas can overcome in no time. Goodluck mamas feel free to leave a comment or if you have any questions ☺️ask away💖


  1. Wonderfully said! Asking for help as a new mamma is such a hard thing to do but well-worth it for our mental and physical health. Happy healthy mamma = happy healthy family. Great job Sammy!

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