This is my go to recipe for my husbands lunch meals of the week. I sometimes make this for dinner adding in a few other key ingredients. When making for lunch , I know he will love every tasty noodle bite and it’s satisfying flavors.  I came up with this recipe knowing its a quick, enjoyable AND also over the top lunch that your co workers will want you to share with them😉


2cups of shredded cabbage

2 table spoons of sesame oil

2 table spoons of rice vinegar

1/4 white pepper

hokkien noodles (add as much as you desire)

1/4 cups of sugar snap peas

1 medium portobello mushroom

2 cups of water



First things first, bring 2 cups of water to boil, add noodles drain and set aside.

Heat your wok up to medium/high heat. Add garlic, mushrooms, snap peas & cabbage. The key here is making sure all veggies espesially the harder ones don’t get left out.

Lower the heat to medium and put a lid on wok for 15 minutes or until vegetables are soften.

Once your veggies are soften add in the rice vinegar, white pepper and salt.

Add in your noodles last, give it a nice stir and let it cool down before putting in lunch box.





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